Customized Tattoo

The artists with a bachelor’s degree of Painting and over 9 years of body ink experience will create high-quality customized tattoos that successfully satisfy all our clients’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price depends on the size, the color and the location of the tattoo. We highly suggest you to make an appointment for consultation first. Also, remember: never expect a good artist to come cheap, or you may have to pay for a large cover-up or laser tattoo removal.

The pain of tattoo is likened to a mild burning sensation or a cat scratch.  Area that directly over bone will be more sensitive, such as ribs, feet, hands, and head, while area protected by large muscle including forearm, upperarm, shoulder, calf and thigh will be less sensitive.

From the tattooist’s perspective, we don’t recommend to use the numbing cream because it can cause the skin to become a little puffy, which means that the tattooist needs to work harder to get the ink into the skin, which can cause additional trauma.

Tattoos can not only decorate one’s skin but also serve as important symbols to express personal beliefs or remember meaningful things in life.

For your next tattoo, you deserve an artist who is passionate abut body art and has superb tattoo skills. Mr. Pan, the founder of Ink Tattoo Studio is exactly the one you are looking for.

Meet Our Artist

After getting his Bachelor’s Degree of Painting in China, Pan stepped into his career as a tattoo artist.

During his 9 years of career, Pan has traveled a lot, from Asia to North America to exchange ideas with artists with variety styles. This unique experiences greatly effect his inspiration to create his own work.

When asked about which style he is good at, Pan answered confidently that he is dedicated to customize tattoos for each clients based on their own requests. Thus, no matter what kind of style the clients want, Pan can always satisfied their needs.

List of Awards

2017 Westchester tattoo convention

Best Sleeve-3rd Place

2015/2016: Massachusetts tattoo convention

2nd Asian traditional artist

2014 Urban Tattoo Convention

Asian-2nd Place

2014 Addicted to Ink Tattoo Convention

Best Full Back-1st place

Best Japanese-1st & 2nd place

Best Leg Sleeve-2nd place

2013 Urban Tattoo Convention

Full Back Color-1st & 2nd Place

Medium Color-2nd  Place

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Ink Tattoo Studio will always be your preferred tattoo provider in New York City. Don’t hesitate, come  to our tattoo studio to see what we can do for you today!