Acne Scar and Stretch Mark Removal

Active breakouts are frustrating enough, but the acne scars can leave behind can feel downright diabolical. Now RM Skincare is pleased to offer a top nonsurgical laser treatment,  Fractional (Fraxel) Laser to minimize the appearance of Acne Scars , Surgical Scars or Stretch Marks  in just a few fast and safe treatments. It also has been used for smaller pores, fading the brown and red marks left behind after breakouts, and helping restore skin to its original, perfect texture. After the treatment, you will achieve a smoother, fresher, younger looking skin!

What Is Fractional Laser?

Fractional laser treatment delivers hundreds of high precision microbeams into the skin creating tiny columns of thermal destruction that stimulates the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

Within each treatment zone, the penetration of collagen in the dermis causes a reaction that leads to collagen remodelling and new collagen formation. As a result, skin’s natural healing process is accelerated and the growth of new, healthy skin cells will replace old, damaged cells.

The whole reform process is performed deep in the dermis while the top layer of skin, or epidermis, is remain intact and unaffected. Thus, compare to other ablative treatments, this non-ablative treatment results in faster healing process, less pain, shorter downtime and lower risk.

What Can Be Treated By Fractional Laser?

The fractional laser is a fast, simple and effective treatment option for acne or surgical scar removal as well as for improving the way your skin looks and feels. The use of fractional laser, which breaks down scar tissue and triggers the production of new tissue, will also reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles to transform you into a younger-looking version of yourself. It boasts remarkable results on any skin type, including very light and very dark skin.

Stretch marks are a common problem for many women. When areas of skin stretch  considerably over a short period of time, such as during pregnancy, noticeable lines appear on the skin surface.

The fractional laser targets stretch mark discoloration and stimulates the production of new collagen to improve and restore skin smoothness and skin consistency. The procedure is very quick – each treatment can be performed in as little as 30 minutes – and there is little to no downtime. Typically, patients require between three and five treatments to see a huge improvement on the appearance of stretch marks.

Amazing Features About The Resurfx

Unlike other fractional technologies, ResurFX™ needs only one pass to be effective, saving you time and protecting the patient’s skin.

ResurFX™ uses a 1565 nm fiber laser and a very advanced scanner, which enables you to choose from more than 600 combinations of shape, size and density for optimal treatment.

  • No downtime and lengthy recovery period. This non-ablative fractional method (not removing the top layer of skin) promotes quick healing in the dermis, while leaving the outer epidermis untouched.
  • Long-lasting results. Since the beams penetrate deeper into the dermis level of the skin, it will produce a longer-lasting results.
  • Advanced Cooling System. The Resurfx cooling system can deliver bursts of cold air within 1 minute of plugging which makes patients feel less uncomfortable.
  • Extremely versatile state-of-the art CoolScan scanner, for customizable treatments.
  • Patent pending algorithm for controlled non-sequential pulsing ensures precise, homogenous and safe energy delivery for reproducible results
  • AccuSpectrum. Ensures maximum protection of the treatment area by filtering excess light.
  • Photon Recycling. This technology provides superior efficacy by reducing energy loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you don’t have extensive breakouts, open wounds, or infections on the face. Stop using products with retinoids one week before your treatment. On the actual day-of, you’ll be topically numbed for 30 minutes, and the procedure itself takes 20 to 30 minutes depending on where you’re getting treated.

During the procedure, there is a minimal amount of discomfort. Most patients describe the sensation as “a little teeny prickling,” but because Starlux 500 has a built-in contact cooling and your face will be numbed so it will help relieve this discomfort.

After the treatment, depending upon the intensity of the settings and the individual, there might be redness, warmth, swelling or tightness in the treated area. Also, a mild sunburn-like sensation is expected. This usually fades within 2-24 hours but can persist up to 72 hours. A light pinkish tone may remain for 2 – 3 days. Due to the fast healing process, the most noticeable result will be the fabulous new skin tone and texture of your skin.

The only post-care that is necessary is to avoid sun exposure for about two weeks following your procedure and make sure to use ample amounts of sun protection everyday, preferably with moisturizing ingredients and an SPF 30 rating. Use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer twice a day and avoid any harsh products such as Retin A, higher strength glycolic peels and various acne products to peel and pick your skin.