Guinot Hydradermie Facial

What is Guinot Double Ionisation Hydradermie?

The world’s class skin management brand Guinot Double Ionisation Hydradermie has an exclusive patented that penetrates the high-performance ingredients of the product into the bottom of the skin through high-tech radio frequency, double hydration and nourishment, stimulate cell vitality, and promote collagen regeneration.

Effectively inhibit the growth of wrinkles, inhibit pigmentation, relieve dark circles, eye bags, improve dull skin, and quickly restore skin to a healthy and young state.


What you will get:

  • moisturized and nourished skin
  • A more bright and youthful looking with skin feels plump and firm
  • Decrease in wrinkles and fine lines
  • Decrease in excess oil and redness


Guinot Double Ionisation Hydradermie has an advanced anti-aging tech which helps to penetrate the product deeper and faster into the skin. It’s an intensely hydrating, deep cleansing, oxygenating facial treatement which speeds up cellular regeneration. Tailored to your specific skin concerns.


Cleanse, Tone, and Exfoliate: The facial begins by cleansing the face with a Guinot makeup remover to remove dirt and impurities from the surface of the skin. The face is then exfoliated using a Guinot exfoliating cream to remove the dead cells.

Double Ionisation: The beauty therapist will apply the appropriate Serum Gel to the face, eye contour area, neck and decollete. The beauty therapist will then use the Galvanic machine to guide the electrodes in one direction from the decollette to the forehead, penetrating the product deep into the skin. The process repeats in the opposite direction, making sure all the active ingredients get absorbed into the skin.

Oxgenation: An Oxygen Emulsion is applied the face, neck and decollete. This emsulsion has anti-bacterial properties to protect the skin against damage.

Massage and Mask: The massaging action helps the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. An appropriate mask is applied on the skin for 10 minutes.

Moisturize: This final step helps to protect and smooth the skin by applying a Guinot anti aging moisturizer.

Treatment Procedure